Pioneer CNC winder and Siemens sign the cooperation agreement on servo motor man

The company recently signed an agreement with Siemens motor Bede Co., Ltd. We will jointly build a professional manufacturing team for servo motor and winding equipment.

Weigh! The center of strong magnetic field of Huazhong University of science and

Weigh! A great good news came from the National Center of pulsed strong magnetic field science. The center successfully achieved 64 Tesla pulsed flat top magnetic field strength, and created a new world record of pulsed flat top magnetic field st

Gather a "line" and make "cable" global technology -- return

The biennial cable industry event, wireshow, will be dedicated to N1 and N2 pavilions of Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 3 to 5, 2019. This exhibition will continue to lead the latest trend of China's cable, wire rod and winding equipment industry, and become a high-quality platform for you to explore China and even the world market.

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