Winding method of wireless charging coil

Wireless charger refers to the equipment that uses electromagnetic wave induction principle to charge, and its principle is similar to that of transformer. There is a coil at the transmitting end and a coil at the receiving end. The coil at the transmitting end is connected with a wired power supply to generate an electromagnetic signal, and the receiving end coil senses the electromagnetic signal at the transmitting end to generate a current to charge the battery.

Is commercialization near? Another American company's driverless truck is on its

Starsky robotics, a San Francisco start-up, is trying to commercialize the technology. The company said it was the first to test driverless 18 wheel trucks on American highways. Starsky combines the vehicle automatic driving system with the remote operator to guide the vehicle when necessary.

Baidu releases far field interactive chip Honghu and Huawei reach cooperation

Today, Baidu's annual AI Developers Conference opened in Beijing and released Honghu chip, which is a far-field voice interaction chip. Its core capabilities include real-time processing of far-field array signals, application wake-up with high accuracy and low false alarm, and offline language recognition.

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