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Asia appliances and consumer electronics Expo 2019 - Asia Pacific electronics in


With the popularization and deepening of the era of intelligent electrical appliances and consumer electronics, home appliances and consumer electronics have been widely used in all aspects of people's lives. The comprehensive development of AI and Internet of things technology is promoting the formation and influence of the global home appliances and consumer electronics industry. Under this new life mode, between home appliances, people and home appliances will form an interactive relationship of science and technology; at the same time, the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, between industry and industry, between industry and users will also derive infinite new industrial ecological space, forming an boundless industrial ecology.

Based on this background, 2019 Asia home appliances and consumer electronics Expo is committed to building a comprehensive and centralized one-stop purchase and trade cooperation platform for home appliances and consumer electronics manufacturers, processing agents, domestic and international purchasers, spare parts suppliers, service providers of related industries, aiming to promote exchanges, transactions and cooperation within the industry, and expand and increase products. Apply the industrial radiation ability of radiation range to improve the industrial scientific and technological creativity.



The exhibition covers household appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, small appliances, consumer electronics, related accessories and raw materials. It is estimated that the exhibition area is 30000 square meters, 600 exhibitors and 50000 professional visitors.

The Expo is sponsored by Asia Electrical Appliances Industry Association, Guangdong household appliances industry association, Guangdong Foreign Economic Cooperation Enterprise Association, Guangdong Hong Kong Economic and trade cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association, Hong Kong Hongwei International Exhibition Group, and hosted by Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.

1. Household appliances

Household refrigeration: refrigerator, freezer, wine cabinet, ice maker, etc.

Room air conditioner: air conditioner, air purifier, electric fan, cooling fan, dehumidifier, humidifier, negative oxygen ion generator, small oxygen generator, etc.

Household cleaning: washing machine, clothes dryer, etc.

Water treatment machine: water dispenser, water purifier, pure water machine, softener, pipeline machine, direct drinking machine, etc.

Cleaning appliances: vacuum cleaner, acarid cleaner, steam mop, sweeper, floor waxing machine, hanging ironing machine, electric iron, shoeshine machine, electric mosquito repellent, electric mosquito swatter, toilet deodorant, etc.

Heating appliances: electric heater, electric blanket, electric stove;

Personal care appliances: hair dryer, shaver, curler, electric toothbrush, beauty instrument, electric sucking device, etc.

Health care appliances: foot bath, massage chair, massager, blood pressure meter, body temperature meter, body fat meter, etc.

2. Kitchen and bathroom appliances and small appliances

Kitchen appliances: lampblack machine, stove, dishwasher, disinfecting cupboard, gas water heater, electric faucet, etc.

Sanitary appliances: electric water heater, heat pump water heater, body cleaner, body cleaner, hair dryer, Yuba, dry cell phone, exhaust fan, integrated ceiling, etc.

Small household appliances: soymilk machine, juicer, cooking machine, coffee machine, rice cooker, microwave oven, electromagnetic oven, electric pancake pan, electric pressure cooker, electric oven, electric frying pan, electric stew pan, bread machine, noodle machine, ice cream machine, yogurt machine, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, egg boiler, egg beater, bean sprout machine, oil press, kitchen treasure, garbage processor, etc.

Solar appliances: solar water heater, solar lawn lamp, courtyard lamp, solar toy, solar panel, etc.

3. Consumer electronics

Household audio-visual products: television, home theater, projector, DVD player, combination sound, radio, recorder, etc.

3C digital and personal electronics: LED screen, digital camera, DV, tablet computer, video game machine, CD player, MP3 / MP4 player, Walkman, PDA, electronic dictionary, learning machine, mobile memory, electronic paper book, etc.

Communication products: mobile phone, telephone, interphone, etc.

4, accessories

Electronic components, heating tube, heating plate, heating coil winding, winding machine, heating film, heating plate, rod, core, high temperature enameled wire, cable, etc.; steel, magnesium rod, engineering plastic, alloy, silver contact and other raw materials, various general parts and molds; intelligent home appliance solutions; OEM and service provider; home appliance production equipment and auxiliary materials.

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